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S      O      C      I      A      L     
 D      I      S      T      A      N      C      I      N      G

Online Virutal Art Show

A *Digi-Romantic Response to the Current 2020 Global Quarantine






Curated by JADA
Hosted by WMAS

With the global COVID-19 pandemic crisis, the practice of self-quarantine has been adopted as the best method to avoid the spread of the virus. Consequently, public life has come to a halt, and places of mass gatherings have closed until further notice.

This mandatory social distancing has highlighted a very human aspect: That social interaction is one of our top priorities. Thus, an exodus to the digital sphere has taken place for the continuation of our communal interactions; museum tours, life-cycle events, instructional classes, music festivals, faith-based services, fitness groups, dating, counseling, and meal-sharing moments have all mass migrated online.

JADA’s virtual exhibit titled SOCIAL DISTANCING will showcase artistic interpretations on the complexities of living in a digitally-connected-but-physically-distanced world. It will discuss the current psychological toll of self-isolation, the desire to forge meaningful cyber bonds, and the longing for a return to normalcy and stability.



*Digi-Romantic, as per JADA: Interpretations by makers who function within a reality in which the internet permeates all areas of social, intellectual, romantic, spiritual, and economic life. The art produced by such artists depict an emotional appeal that clashes and contrasts with the fast-paced technological ethos in which they exist. Their production is often narrative-based, and aims to reclaim heroic, adventurous, romantic, timeless, and utopian themes through the lens of Metamodernism.

 call for art details

Eligibility: All Two-Dimensional and Digital Artists

Where: Online Virtual Reality Art Exhibit

Entry Deadline: March 31, 2020, 5 pm EST

Requirements: Please submit your application to info@jadaart.org, including up to 5 high resolution images of artwork related to the theme, include the titles, medium, and date for each work. In addition, include your website and artist statement on the email. State on the same message that you have read the JADA Manifesto, and that you agree with it. Wait for approval.